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  • : COLLECTIF POUR L'AUTONOMIE DU PEUPLE MAPUCHE ( CAPMA ) * Le CAPMA est un collectif autonome qui s'oppose radicalement à l'impérialisme, au colonialisme, au capitalisme et condamne toute forme d'exploitation, de discrimination et de domination.
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Texte libre


Texte libre

9 octobre 2015 5 09 /10 /octobre /2015 11:28

Cristian Levinao Melinao who was serving a 10 year sentenced for robbery
with violence to fund the Mapuche struggle decided to escape from CET
prison along with fellow prisoner Hector Moreno Muñoz who was recaptured
a day later.

From hiding Cristian issued a video statement rejecting the legal
charges against him and outlining the position of the Mapuche struggle.

At dawn on September 20, 2015, an incendiary device set fire to the
retired gendarmes building. Proceedings were initiated quickly to find
those responsible for the arson attack against former jailers. In this
context, on September 22nd heavily armed GOPE troops entered a home in
Padre Las Casas. During the raid troops allegedly found ammunition, an
M-16 rifle, a .22 caliber revolver, a pistol, a sub-machine gun,
mechanical detonators, explosives and other devices.

Felipe Duran, a freelance photographer was arrested in the house. The
'anti-Marxist Movement HUSAR' group had stated days before that they
were tracking Felipe for being a 'terrorist' and for maintaining
relations with anarchists.

This group pointed out that the arrests were carried out thanks to their
'intelligence' and their coordination with the police.

In the raided home, police managed to arrest another person who despite
giving a false name and refusing to provide information was eventually
identified as the fugitive Cristian Levinao Melinao. Both were
transferred to a police station and then to court under heavy security.
At court Cristian announced: "This is a political persecution by the
state and the government."

The back slapping between oppressors

In Santiago, Mahmud Aleuy, undersecretary of the interior stated:
"Fortunately he will now fulfill the remainder of his sentence in a
detention center accordingly." Interior Minister Jorge Burgos stated:
"From the standpoint of people avoiding crimes with impunity this is
certainly good news." Meanwhile the infamous Bruno Villalobos, current
CEO of police and former DIPOLCAR when bringing cases again other
comrades, was happy that the police operation "is the culmination of
very good intelligence work, the only thing we want is to bring peace to
our citizens."

Finally, the mayor of La Araucanaia, Andres Jouannet told reporters:
"When one does not adapt to society, then it is understood that you
still live with other people and must respect their rules and laws. In
cases where this is not clear or they do not understand what is
happening then we have to make these people function within society and
respect rules and fundamental laws."

The prosecutor Cristian Paredes highlighted the coordination of high
complexity with police re: the whereabouts of Leviano, "that allows us
today to celebrate two important achievements: a person who escaped
custody was apprehended and will be made by the courts to effectively
serve the penalty imposed upon him which is no less than 10 years and
one day.

Formalized charges

The Mapuche Crisitan Leviano Melinao was taken to Angol prison to
continue his 10 years sentence and as formally charged with concealing
his identity and various offences under the arms control law. Meanwhile
Felipe is being prosecuted under the arms control law and was taken to
jail in Temuco. The court has given the prosecution a 45 day
investigation period.

Following the arrests and formalization of charges, the fascist
paramilitary group 'Husares' feverishly issued a defamatory statement
that also demonstrates it's active participation in the police force.

Solidarity with Cristian and Felipe!

Imprisoned Fighters Solidarity Network Short URL:

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